From: Fr Gus Franklin, April 2000

The following info is taken from an old Springdale Music Palace leaflet: The Mastbaum's Mighty Wulitzer made its debut February 28, 1929. It was installed as a 4/28.

In 1958 when the decision to demolish the building was made, a plumber paid $1500 to remove the organ from the theatre.

It was in storage for over 20 years by the time the Springdale MP purchased it and commissioned Lyn Larsen to redesign and enlarge it. The Crome Organ Co rebuilt it; console was done by Joe Musil. (Yes, that's the one almost totally destroyed by fire.)

It was a magnificent 4/36 when I heard it several times in the Springdale MP and included four classical ranks. I have heard it several times in the New Music Palace (Sharonville) in various stages of completion. It's my understanding that it is to be essentially the same size when completed. I'll try to get some more specific info as to size and new console to post.

From: Dave Marshall, April 2000

The Mastbaum Wurlitzer is played daily (except Monday) in the Music Palace in Sharonville, Ohio (a northern suburb of Cincinnati).

It was previously in the Springdale Music palace in the 1980s. The console, which I believe to not be the original console as it was an almost exact duplicate of the console at the Paramount Music Palace in Indianapolis (now in the Roaring 20s restaurant in Florida).

It has been increased to 33 ranks in it's new location at 11473 Chester Road, Sharonville, Ohio. The phone is 513-771-1675. It is very easy to get to from I-75 in an area where heavy traffic not the serious problem that it was at the Springdale location.

I don't think the organ sounds quite as good as it did in Springdale as it is in a slightly smaller restaurant - it is a bit over-powering. But that does not keep me and other people away.

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