From: Mel Wexler, December 2008

I had the opportunity to bid on the Mastbaum Theater Wurlitzer, during to the theaters demolition, upon inspection I found the thirty HP. ten foot long Spencer Orgablo on the seventh floor up above the proscenium, and found markings there, and throughout the organ that the entire ensemble had been re-voiced at fifteen inches, the solo voices to thirty inches, and the Voxes to ten inches.

After some investigation I was told that Stewart Barrie the house Organist was unhappy with the power of the Organ, and had it re-voiced at these high pressures. Wish I had heard it but at the time I was there the main power in the building had been disconnected.

As it turned out, the organ was to be sold the Wreckers brother in law, and accepting other bids was his way of setting the price higher for his own B.I.L. ! the wrecker called me back to increase my bid four days later, and I returned to reinspect, only to find that the entire Brass Trumpet and Brass Sax had walked (?) and the organ was in factory perfect condition four days prior, so I left the deal go.

Last I heard the organ was reinstalled in a restaurant in Ohio near US route Seventy Five.

Can you imagine the sound of that organ, on those pressures, from the triple stacked chambers that were on both sides of the theater,not over the proscenium, what a huge sound it must have been !

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