From: Dave McPeak, July 1998

I took organ lessons from the organist at St. Josephs RC Church and practiced and played on the organ in the church. Only the Wurlitzer Console survived, it was installed there by the Essex Organ Co., of Essex, Massachusetts, (I assume) The chests and pipework were not wurlitzer, the chests were supply house type, with Reisner magnets and the pipework was just run of thew mill old pipework possibly from their old organ or someones, definitely not Wurlitzer. I did a lot of servicing on this organ and I am confident the console was the only survivor still in Fitchburg, unless the chests went into another church, but I knew pretty much what was in all of the churches in town and don't remember any TO pipes or chests there.

From: John E Powers, June 2009

Evidently it went from the Fitchburg Theater to the St. Joseph Church in Fitchburg.

I purchased it from the Covenant Lutheran Church in Gardner, MA in 1984. The only percussions that came with it were the chrysoglott and chimes and the chimes are not the original. They are the 25 note style from a larger organ.

I have since purchased most of the missing components plus extra trems and reservoirs; even a 49 note marimba. So, even if I never get to it, someone should have a pretty much complete organ to restore.

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