From: Scott Bilot, Oct. 2004

I regret to inform you that the organ is undergoing removal as we speak.

The declining neighborhood, and a recent break-in to the theatre forced our Board of Directors to make a reluctant decision. That and the fact that the theatre does not have an operating license prohibits us from having concerts there as well.

Removal may be complete by the end of October.

There are NO PLANS to sell or disperse ANY PARTS of the organ. I see in the CURRENT entry that it states that the organ is "PT". This may have been true a few years ago when we reduced the organ from 27 ranks down to a much more manageable 17. We did sell off some non Wurlitzer pipework, but the original 3/8's ranks are still there amoung the Wurlitzer and Kimball stuff that was added.

The console has already been removed, and I have begun removing pipework for transport to the warehouse. The console was originally from the Seneca Theatre in New York.

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