From: Randy Anderson, December 1995

The Wurlitzer Opus 2022 that was installed in the Joe Kearns residence is now in the Renaissance Theater in Mansfield Ohio. It was installed in 1985 by Ken Crome and is now a 3/20. The ranks are as follows:

Main Chamber

Tuba Horn 73n 16" - 8'
Clarinet 61n 16' - 4'
Viol d'Orchestre 85n 8'
Viol Celeste 73n 8' - 4'
Oboe Horn 61n 8' - 4'
Concert Flute 97n 16' - 2'
Vox Humana 61n 8'
Harp 49n
Marimba 49n
Chrysoglott 49n
Piano 85n (located in niche under main chamber)
Bass Drum
Crash Cymbal
Mandolin (Piano)

Solo Chamber

English Horn 61n 8'
Trumpet 61n 8'
Horn Diapason 61n 8'
Tibia Clausa 97n 16' - 2'
Krumet 61n 8'
Orchestral Oboe 61n 8'
Kinura 61n 8'
Saxophone 61n 8'
Quintadena 61n 8'
Solo String 85n 16' - 4'
Solo String Celeste 85n 16' - 4'
Solo Vox Humana 61n 8'
Xylophone 37n
Glockenspiel 37n
Cathedral Chimes 25n
Sleigh Bells
Usual toy counter.

The organ has a 3 manual French style console with a Ztronics relay and 8085 based combination action controller. I don't know who supplied the combination action controller.

Infromation form original Crome Organ Co. specification sheet dated 01-01-84.

Randy Anderson

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