From: Jon C. Habermaas, February 1999

Organ was purchased sometime in the 50's by Don Born and installed in his residence in Chicago.

It is currently in the Martz family home in Antioch, Il..and is currently advertised in the Theatre Organ magazine for sale. It has been in its' current location over 25 yrs.


From: Jon C. Habermaas, July 1999

Wicks removed the organ from the original installation when they installed a new Wicks Organ...2031 was sold to Don Born (approx 1958) installed in Norridge, Illinois residence.

Sold to Pam Martz in 1970 and installed in Antioch, residence

Sold to Hokum W. Jeebs in 1999 and is being installed in Hokum Hall (theatre) in West Seattle, Wa.

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