From: Brandt Duddy, June 2007

It became painfully obviously to Lowell Ayar's executrix and myself that the Smithsonian had no interest in placing this instrument where it could be heard and appreciated.

The Smithsonian is currently reconstructing the Museum of American History, and there was no place left in their plans to use it. So I started inquiring about the possibility of de-acquisitioning it so that a home could be found for it elsewhere.

Last October was the crucial time. I was notified that the instrument would arrive back at my home in mid-January. There was enough lead time to find a home. I approached Curt Mangel and Peter Conte about the possibility of placing the organ in Greek Hall at the Macy's Wanamaker Building store. They approached the Macy's management, both local and New York, and were met with excited approval everywhere.

The winter months in Philadelphia were miserable, so the date of delivery kept being pushed later and later. Finally the instrument arrived at Macy's on Wednesday, June 6. It is in storage in the organ shop, awaiting the completion of the rebuilding process several of us began while the instrument was in the Museum of American History.

There were guidelines for this instrument - ALL original wiring was to remain, so that in the future anyone wanting to see what WurliTzer did in the manufacturing of their instruments could observe how they did it. The instrument is to be preserved at Macy's with the same parameters it was to use in the Museum. Guidelines of historical restoration from both the American Theatre Organ Society and the American Institute of Organbuilding are to be strictly observed. You will see the instrument as it was originally installed in the Fox Theatre in Appleton WI.

The instrument's usage is to be for teaching purposes, silent movies, mini-concerts, and many other store functions. The instrument will be available to qualified musicians at any time during the business day; the only proviso being that store functions will come first.

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