From: Bob Swaney, March 2005

The Heights Theatre in Columbia Heights, Minnesota is a Land-O-Lakes ATOS project.

The installation is being done by the Chapter with advise from Terry Kleven. Right now the organ is 4 manuals and 13 ranks, when it is finished it will be 32 ranks.

The current rank list:
Tibia Clausa - Wurlitzer
Concert Flute - Wurlitzer
Open Diapason - Wurlitzer
Quintadena - Wurlitzer
Violin & Celeste - Kimball
Gamba & Celeste - Moller
Vox Humana - Wurlitzer
Clarinet - Kimball
Tuba Horn - Wurlitzer
Brass Trumpet - Wurlitzer
Post Horn - Trivo

Some of the futue additions include:
Wurlitzer Tuba Mirabilis
Morton Muted Horn
Murray Harris Tibia
Moller Kinura from the legendary George Wright Pasadena Organ
Kimball English Horn
Kimball Harmonic Flute from the Roxy Theatre, New York
Wurlitzer Brass Saxophone Wurlitzer
Horn Diapason from the L. A. Paramount

One odd fact about the organ - none of the Wurlitzer chests were ever intalled in a theatre.

The organ is played on weekends before the movies. It is quite popular with the patrons of the theatre.

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