From: David Redfern, June 2001

Just to add to previous comments about the Palace Ballroom Blackpool Wurlitzer and it's English Horn. My understanding is that this rank was removed from the organ by the late Alan Hickling and added to his own Wurlitzer at Dormston House, Sedgeley, West Midlands. This was the ex City Cinema, Leicester 2/9 instrument which is now installed in a leisure centre in Douglas, Isle of Man. As far as I know the English Horn is still on the organ. It also had several church organ ranks, a string synthesizer and a third manual added whilst at Dormston House. I don't know if these additions are still with the rest of the organ or not. I played the organ whilst at Dormston House and very effective it was too. The chambers were underground. I have heard that the organ is hardly used in it's current location and that the Douglas Corporation are considering moving it to a better venue.

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