From: Tom DeLay, January 2002

This is ubiquitously called an R-20 but it bears little resemblance to the usual 3/12 spec. This 3/16 has three straight stoprails, manual second touch, traps ( now removed) and a full compliment of tonal percussions (all but Chrys and Chimes now removed). The removal of the various percussions resulted from the organ's sentence to a church for the last 42 years.

Rather than the usual 5 pistons per manual, this thing has ten DOUBLE TOUCH pistons per manual. I guess, in a way, this could be considered a suitable bass as the second touch on each pistons controls an independent "settable" pedal piston. Unlike what was found on the style 260 Wurlitzers on up, this is a suitable bass that works just like any piston and can be set as such. The organ also has three independent pedal toe pistons...33 pedal combination pistons in effect! I am not about to question the wisdom of this design, but it is still intact and works perfectly save for the periodic open black cap magnet.

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