From: Randel C. Anderson, April 2002

I have been relocated from South Carolina to North Carolina. The organ is now in storage pending the completion of our new home. The new location is now Kenansville North Carolina. I have built a new home on 4.2 acres of wooded property out in the country. I have also built a separate building for the organ,

The organ studio is 24' X 40' [7.3m X 12.2m] with a 8' X 24' [2.4m X 7.3m] work room/blower room off to the side.

The organ chamber is 12' X 24' [3.6m X 7.3m] with a 26' X 24' [7.9m X 7.3m] listening room. The building has sloped ceilings with a 14' [4.2m] wall height. The ceiling will have a maximum height of 18' [5.5m] in the center.

It has ALL hard surface walls and floors, there is a 2.5 second reverb in the room. That may be cut down a little when I get some furniture in the room.

I will be using both sets of swell shades that came with the organ. The organ originally was in a 2 chamber installation in the church. The swell shade openings are 7'-8" X 5'-4" [2.33m X 1.62m] and are the Celotex "studio" type shades with 12 blades each. The bottom of the shades will be 7' [2.1m] off the floor so the organ will not be blast directly in your face. The chests will also be mounted high in the chamber so there will be plenty of room under the chests if you have to drop a bottom board. All of us ain't getting any younger you know, so I am designing the organ with easy access for maintenance.

I have picked up a different console shell to replace the church console. It is a 3 manual single stop rail console from Opus 821, Elks Lodge, Binghamton NY. It was last used on the instrument at the Walter Williams High School in Burlington, North Carolina. I will be using the key boards, pedal board, music rack and bench from my church console. As with most things, the console shell needs lots of the usual body and fender work. I will also be converting the stop rail and back rail to Syndynes.

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