From: Terry Kleven, Sept. 2002

We service the organ at Norwegian Lutheran Church (opus 2092) in Minneapolis, MN.

It is in perfect shape and it is a 3 manual 8 rank organ.

Solo: Tibia to 16', Vox 8', Tuba 8'.
Main: Diapason 8' Flute/bourdon to 16', Salicional to 16' Salicional celeste 8', Dulciana 8'.
HUGE 12 note TOWER CHIMES in the steeple (from Wurlitzer),
Chrysoglott stops in console and relay but not installed.

From: Kim Crisler, November 2009

Some notes regaring the Wurli: I did find out an interesting tidbit about the organ from the organist and other church members.

It was originally built in 1929 for a Florida church that was hit by a hurricane.

After being in storage for nearly a year, the Norwegian Memorial Lutheran Church purchased the organ and installed it in 1930.

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