From: Mike Bryant, June 2009

Denver has all of its original pipework except the Tuba Mirabilis, although not all the original ranks are presently installed. The Mirabilis was switched out for a Tromba back in the 50ís, I believe.

The Dulciana has been removed from the chest (a Flute Celeste was added) but still lives in the chamber.

The Solo Vox has been replaced by a Post Horn. There is a single-rank chest for the Vox, but I donít believe it has been installed yet.

A Uniflex relay was installed and the console was respecified some years ago. It remains an air console.

The original pistons are in place, and the second touch piston contacts are configurable separately from first touch. Although the Publix I spec shows 10 toe pistons, the Denver console has none. It doesnít appear that it ever did. It does, however, have 20 pistons on the Accomp keyslip rather than 10.

During the respec, partly to avoid having to add stop tabs, the 2nd Touch stops were removed from the Bombarde manual and the Pedal.

The slave console is a bit smaller shell, still 4 manuals. All of the stop tabs except one are dummies. The one that isnít is a pedal cutout Ė in case you have an organist who canít seem to pedal in sync with the other. Typical of slave consoles, the tabs are whatever the assembler happened to grab out of the bins Ė a variety of engraving styles, rank names that never existed on the Publix, etc. The pistons mirror the master console, and the single swell shoe acts as a master.

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