From: Terry Hochmuth, July 2005

I "discovered" this little gem just sitting away, unused and neglected, in an old church gymnasium. They did not even know that it was there, insisting, on contacting them, that their organ was a Moller.

It wasn't until an old janitor remembered that "there is an old organ in the gym".

It is in MINT pristine condition!!

It is in storage and will be installed in a new home now being built in Truro, Massachusetts.

This is my 3rd Wurlitzer! And I thought that I would NEVER do it again! The other 2 were Opus 2131 and Opus 2238.

From: Terry Hochmuth, November 2005

We just finished removal of a 1930 Wurlitzer RJ11 (2/7) and found something that we've never seen before - an original (easily discernable by the construction materials and methods) Wurlitzer muffler or wind baffle box.

This was located just above the Spencer outlet and measures about 30" x 20" x 20". It has a 12" inlet hole and 12" output and inside, is a diagonal baffle with a large 'flapper valve' which opens enough to let the required amount of air pass, then springs towards the closed position as the wind need lessens. It is heavily lined with dark grey/black felt. It's beautifully constructed and is VERY heavy!

It was an original installation in a mausoleum in 1930, then moved to its present location about 1962. The instrument's wind system, save for 3 metal windlines to the shutter motor action, chrysoglott and chimes, was constructed entirely of wood. Obviously Wurlitzer's efforts at making the installation as quiet as possible (perhaps fearing the windnoise might wake the dead?)

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