From: Ken Eaton, June. 2007

I recently purchased this instrument from the sons of Eileen Coggins

The console was not attached to a case as in a C2, but is free standing.

The back panels close from side to side rather than having top and bottom pieces, as I am used to. Also, it is straight rail and very church-like in appearance. I spoke to the sons about it having had a case, and they do not remember ever seeing it, (it was in a chamber in the home) however, there are no upright supports for the offset pipe racking, so that fact could mean something regarding a case.

The only chests that have primaries are the (12) 16’ bourdon, (7) 8’ Diapason and (6) 8’ flute offsets.

The swell shades do not have individual motors, but rather are linked one swell engine. Sadly, the original Wurlitzer engine was replaced with a typical 5 stage new one.

The blower puts out 7” of wind, has had a static reservoir placed above it, which allowed the offsets to be winded from the trunk under the Wurlitzer regulator rather than from the regulator it’s self. The original holes in the regulator were closed.

The organ was removed from the home and placed in the basement by the sons in a careful and workman like, but uninformed manner. I was told, by them, that someone had informed them that the cables were not “code” so they cut them off the manual contact rails, switches, and chests. Not a very happy situation for me, to say the least. 

The organ as a whole is in amazingly good condition, very clean, with all of the pipework and chestwork looking as though it were new.

The entire instrument is small, by that I mean, the console is as shallow and as narrow as it could be made, and all of the pipes could fit inside a corresponding note in a “normal” Wurlitzer. All in all I could not be more pleased with it.

For the moment its home will be the workshop, where it will be restored as much as possible. I would like to install it in a case, and hope to be able to find out as much as I can about what a Wurlitzer case would have been like.

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