From: Harold Russell, Dec. 1999

Opus 2157 a BAL2 that was located in Cottage Grove Minnesota and belonged to the late Fred Newman is now installed in Proctors Theater 432 State Street Schenectady New York and has been since 1983.

The following has been added
8" Post horn by Moller 8'
Salicional Celeste Unknown make
8' Brass Sax WurliTzer
16' Tibia (small scale) 10" press WurliTzer

The relay was also removed because of water damage and replaced with a z-tronics system. It has at present a peterson combo action but that will be replaced in 2000 with a zrtonics unit also as well as midi record and playback capabilities.

This info I can tell you is accurate as I am the head of the maintenance crew that take care of Goldie as she is now known.

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