From: Todd, August 1999

The organ was installed 1931 in the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California and as a model "Publix #1" 4/20.

It was enlarged to 4/42 for the Paramount Music Palace which opened in 1979.

The console was originally painted gold in 1931, but was refinished in ebony, with the art deco designs highlighted in gold, silver, bronze, and copper leaf.

The following are the specifications of the organ as it was at the Paramount Music Palace in Indianapolis, Indiana.

To the left of the organ was the main chamber to the right the solo chamber. The console was on a lift centered between the main and solo chamber. The percussion chamber was above the console and higher up the wall than the main and solo chambers almost to the peak of the roof, it also housed the 7 rank classical division. All three chambers had glass shades, and lighting in the chambers would be changed by the organist as they played. Many of the percussions were outside of the chambers, as were the trap counters.

Main Chamber (left side): English Horn, Tuba Horn, Oboe Horn, Clarinet, Tibia Clausa, Horn Diapason, Quintadena, Quintadena Celeste, Gamba, Gamba Celeste, Concert Flute, Concert Flute Celeste, Lieblich Flute, Salicional, Salicional Celeste, Vox Humana, Gross Quinte (32 pipes), English Horn Clarion (32 notes)(electronic), Double String Bass (32 notes)(electronic)

Solo Chamber (right side): Solo English Post Horn, Tuba Mirabilis, Tibia Clausa, Brass Trumpet, Open Diapson, Viol d'Orchestre, Viol Celeste, Gemshorn, Gemshorn Celeste, Krumet, Musette, Orchestral Oboe, Brass Saxophone, Kinura, Vox Humana

Percussion Chamber --(way up there)(center above console)(classical division here also): Small Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Brush Cymbal, Vibraharp, Gedeckt 8', Principal 4', Principal 2', Blockflute 2', Mixture III

Exposed: four trap counters on the front walls
on floor front side wall: Pedal Tibia 16' to 8' (44 pipes)
above main chamber: Marimba Harp
below percussion chamber (above console): Pinao, Chrysoglott
above solo chamber: Master Xylophone, Tuned Sleigh Bells, Chimes
rear wall balcony: Trumpet Imperial

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