From: Bernie McGorrey, Sept. 1997

I bought the organ in what must have been one of the first internet-enabled want-to-buy ads, much to the chagrin of my poor wife.

I have not actually SEEN the instrument. It currently sits in a warehouse, having moved one other time since original installation.

The 3-manual waterfall style console, mechanicals and chests are all original, minus the relay. The core of the pipework is original having the solo-scale tibia, VDO and celeste, Kinura, oboe horn concert flute.

The remaining ranks have been dispersed:
these include, to my knowledge Diaphonic-scale diapason, Vox Humana, Quintadena, Tuba Horn, Clarinet, Orchestral Oboe, Salicional, and Brass Trumpet.
The original vibraharp has also been dispersed, being replaced by a chrysoglott.

The following substitutions are made:
Wurlitzer Vox replaced by another Wurlitzer Vox
Wurlitzer Open Diapason replaces the Diaphonic Diapason
Gotfried French Trumpet

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