From: John Becica, August 2003

Rainbow Room Wurlitzer
Opus 2185 Style R16

Per a letter in Theatre Organ, the Journal of ATOS, July/Aug 2003, Ronald C. Bishop, Sr. Curator of the Radio City Music Hall Organ states that Ray Bohr never owned the Rainbow Room Organ, as shown in your listing. Bishop states that it went directly to the Oelhaf Residence from the Rainbow room, and that he knows this because his boss, Louis Ferrara, installed it for Oelhaf, and Ferrara and Bishop maintained it there for years.

Subsequent Owners:

From Oelhafs, the instrument was sold to Lee Hulko of Solebury, Pa. Lee stored it, but never installed it.

He donated it to the Garden State Theatre Organ Society chapter of ATOS on July 10,1999.

Garden State Theatre Organ Society is currently installing the Rainbow Room Wurlitzer in the Rahway Senior Citizens Center on Esterbrook Avenue in Rahway, New Jersey.

The complete instrument includes 10 ranks, two consoles, a roll player, and 290 rolls of music by famous theatre organists.

John Becica Editor, Pedals and Pipes, the newsletter of the Garden State Theatre Organ Society.

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