From: John Smallwood, April 2002

I've just added an Orchestral Oboe to my ex - Woolwich Granada Wurlitzer.

What I considered to be utterly sacrosanct was the relay - so much so that I have added an original two rank relay switch stack to cater for it. And I have no intention of adding the other rank! In my view, the relay is the nerve centre of the organ, and should be retained if at all possible.

By all accounts, this organ (one of the earlier ones) was allegedly inadequate for the theatre, even though nice to play. Now, playing into a 250 seat auditorium, and, I suspect, regulated far better than it ever was in theatre, it sounds great, but we felt that it was missing a little buzz in the middle, so decided on the orchestral oboe, rather than a krummet or kinura, as I felt it was more appropriate. Sorry, if I've offended any purists by adding to the organ.

I am also attempting to avoid spoiling the balance of the console layout, which on those Granada 8 rankers is very satisfying, by moving things around, and losing two existing tabs ( the Mandolin on the acc and the Vibraphone dampers for the solo). This will accommodate the oboe at 8ft on both solo and acc. And, no, at present it isn't available at 16 on the solo. Perhaps in future.

I do hope that one of the Granada 1's does remain as built, though. No doubt somewhere the circumstances will make it the best plan of action.

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