From: David Lowe, September 2006

The final concert at the Ritz Brighouse will take place this Sunday at 2.30pm (doors open 1.45pm).

Richard Hills will put the 3-10 Wurlitzer through its paces for one last time, with removal of the organ planned for Monday. A sad day, yes, but let's give our Wurlitzer a good send-off!

A number of possible venues are being examined in the Bradford area for the re-location of the instrument.

From: Richard Stephenson, November 2009

The Harmonic Tuba and Orchestral Oboe were purchased from Bob Maes of Kansas, the oboe has red K's painted on it, the K's stood for Kruse,Fred Kruse of Elgin Illinois,with the help of Terry Kleven he suggested the oboe was from the Sheridan Theatre Chicago Opus 1329, the tuba origin was unknown. I got another reply from Terry recently and he said Fred bought the oboe from the Stanley Theatre Pittsburgh Opus 1788, Fred Kruse paid for and installed it in the Pickwick Theatre in Park Ridge, Illinois, Fred had painted the K's on his pipes that were on loan to the Pickwick our tuba should be from the Sheridan Wurlitzer.

The organ was Installed in its current home on the 4th October 2008, it is now Installed in Victoria Hall Saltaire.

We have recently purchased a English Horn that came off the Metro Durban Wurlitzer Opus 2209, this should be Installed by December 2009.

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