From: Ian McIver, July 1999

I do know of one organ that had a Tibia Tierce included as original, that being the 3/10 at the Granada, Kingston, England, which was a rebuild of a Style F with Brass Trumpet and Sax added and Clarinet replaced by Krumet (also had a grand piano attachment added) and acquired a new Opus Number. It opened in November, 1939, and had the Tibia extended up to 1 3/5. Reginald Dixon opened the organ, so maybe that's where he got the liking for that pitch. A few UK Wurlitzers had Tibia Tierces wired in later, but as far as I know only Kingston had it on the relays sent by the factory.

Along with the Granada 3/8 Wurlitzers, Kingston had a full range of intra-manual couplers, so with those in use and the 1 3/5 Tibia, it could get very bright at the top end...

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