From: Robert Kingdom, November 2009

It had a straight console and no 2nd touch, 5 pistons per manual.

It was the first of Bill Breuers' Pizza organs, the Santa Clara Pizza and Pipes. In retrospect, the pipe work was all standard fare, except the small scale Clarinet and maybe the Open Diapason. Chests, regulators and tremulants were all the same as normal sized organs. It was supposed to be winded on 8" but we had it all on 10" 

The Salicional, Voix Celeste and Dulciana were all very soft and were replaced. A pair of Skinner Gambas replaced the Salicionals and a Gottfried Kinura replaced the Dulciana. Someone had removed the caps from the Oboe Horn, so it became an ersatz Post Horn.

The Skinner Gambas were transplanted to the Redwood City organ, which was Tom Hazleton's premiere organ. I replaced them with leftover strings from the Buddy Cole organ (installed in another nearby Pizza Parlor), which I brought over in my car. I didn't even bother to tune them when I put them in (I'm sure they were in tune at one time prior to installing them).

The Concert Flute got the axe in favor of a Lieblich Flute, probably from a church organ.

  The original organ had only Chrysoglott and Chimes. The first "tuned" percussion added set of Wurlitzer Saucer bells. They were a worthless piece of crap, requiring frequent maintenance. Playing them would make the re-it contacts burn out and I was very happy to see them go.

  The tremulants on this organ were sexed up, per typical theater organ style.

The unification wasn't bad to start with but it was added to, mostly to support tuned percussions.

This organ sounded pretty good for what it was.

The list of organists included Tom Hazleton, Jack Gustafson, John Seng, Ralph Trout, Mike Bryant, Bill Watts and others.

The first public performance was Thursday May 8th, 1968, Tom Hazleton playing. The first unofficial performance was played by myself a couple days before. I'll never forget playing "Satin Doll" whilst a former and very pregnant stripper danced for the audience (her husband). Oh, the stories!  

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