Linear Action Band


Photos of Don, Ed, and Todd by Panda Englerth. Photo of Scott by Steve Reid.





 Don Cheeseman : Bass, Vocals

Ed Englerth : Guitar, Lead Vocals

 Scott Lorencen : Drums
Scott has since gone on to full-time ministry at Springfield Baptist Church in Battle Creek, Michigan. The members of LAB wish Scott the best as he seeks to fulfill God's calling on his life.

Todd Phipps : Hammond Organ, Synth, Vocals

Welcome to the official Linear Action Band homepage. LAB is a Christian blues-based group based in Hastings, Michigan which incorporates elements of funk, rock, blues, and other styles of music into an original, eclectic style. LAB is committed to spreading and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ through their music.

This is a photograph taken of a recent LAB performance. Photo by Panda Englerth.

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