MIDI Organ Modules

Ahlborn Archive Organ Modules

U.S. Distributor:

Ahlborn-Galanti Organs
1164 Tower Lane
Bensenville, Illinois 60106

Phone: (800) 582-4466

There are four pipe organ modules in the Archive series, two European models (201 and 202) and two U.S. models (Classic and Romantic). Each have a different set of 20 stops which can be played in any combination or all together. All models have extensive programming and control of volume level, scaling. articulation (Flues), release transient., wind (Flues), harmonic presence (Reeds), fluctuation, pitch, and rank character parameters for each stop, a selectable windchest layout, various temperaments, and a built in sequencer.

Allen MDS_Expander II

Allen Organ Company
P.O. Box 36
Macungie, PA 18062-0036

Phone: (610) 966-2200

Email: aosales@allenorgan.com

This module has 100 orchestral and organ sounds, any 4 of which can be played simultaneously.

Oberheim OB-3 Squared Drawbar Organ Expander

732 Kevin Court
Oakland, CA 94633

Phone: (800) 279-4346

Latest version of the OB-3 provides Hammond Tone-Wheel sounds. Includes drawbars and Leslie simulation.

Peavey Spectrum Organ Module

Peavey Electronics, Corporation
711 A Street
Meridian, MS 39301

Phone: (601) 483-5365

Email: peavey@peavey.com

Hammond organ/Leslie speaker simulation, 32 voices, 128 presets, real-time drawbar control.

Review of the Peavey Spectrum Organ Module

Viscount EXL 150 and EXL 200

Distributed in US by:

American Keyboard Products
2350 Franklin Road
Suite 115
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48302

Phone: (313) 930-0179

This is a one MIDI-module classic organ made by Viscount of Italy. Wheat Williams reports that it "purports to be identical to the sounds and programming capabilities of Baldwin's largest organ" unlike the Allen or Ahlborn-Galanti MIDI which are classic organ add-ons designed to provide additional voices to an existing organ. Specs:

Manual I

Manual II


Five programmable memories, 3 reverbs, transposter, pedal volume and sustain inputs. Cost is $1099 in rack mount (EXL 150), $1199 in wood case and a rearranged front panel that is twice as high but less wide with different control layout (EXL 200).

Available now.

Viscount D-9e

See above for address/phone number.

Hammond clone with Leslie simulation.

Voce Micro-B II

Voce, Inc.
111 Tenth St.
Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075

Phone: (201)-939-0052

Hammond/Leslie MIDI Clone. 36 drawbar presets. $425 street price.

Voce V3

See above for address/phone number.

Hammond/Leslie Clone including real-time MIDI drawbar control, detuned to equal temperment, and much more. Generally regarded by magazine reviewers and members of the Hammond email list (see below) as the best sounding, most flexible, most realistic Hammond clone. $795 street price. MIDI drawbars adds another $225 (street price) or so.

Wersi Pegasus Rack

"Organ in a box" module, touch screen, 256 sounds, 16-track sequencer, General MIDI, 3.5" Disk Drive.

Wersi VEX 60 Expander Module

54 note polyphony, 256 sounds, General MIDI

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