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The Mighty Wurlitzer...

...consists of four manuals and twenty-two sets of pipes. The console has 260 stop tablets plus an array of controls and pedals. The console is connected to a Devtronix computer thereby controlling over 2000 pipes plus many moving percussive instruments and effects.

The pipe tonal sources include the following pipe sounds: Vox Humana, Concert Flute, Viol d'Orchestre, Viol Celeste, Salicional, Clarinet, French Horn, Oboe Horn, Tibia Clausa (2), Kinura, Orchestral Oboe, Quintadena, Tuba, English Post Horn, Brass Saxaphone, Brass Trumpet, Gamba, Gamba Celeste, Horn Diapason, Diaphonic Diapason and Krumet.

Percussion instruments include: Piano, Marimba, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Sleigh Bells, Vibraharp (2), English Handbells and Chimes.

A rhythm trap section includes: Bass Drum, Kettle Drum, Cymbal, Crash Cymbal, Snare Drum, Tamborine, Castanets, Tom-tom, Chinese Block and Triangle. A sound effect assembly includes: Siren, Car Horn, Bird, Whistle, Surf, Fire Gong, Boat Whistle, Telephone Bell, Horses Hoof, Chinese Gong and Police Whistle.

The entire system is air-powered from a 10 hp Spencer Turbine Orgoblo. This source of wind pressure runs the entire mechanical system as well as playing the pipes. The organ requires constand maintenance -- it is a mechanical nightmare! But...there is no sound as great as the theater organ emanting from any other instrument.

The theater organ is actually a one-man band since it is made up of several instruments all under the control of the organist (conductor). The organ has long earned its reputation as King of Instruments. Our Wurlitzer is often heard in live concert. Please check the dates on the schedule. Also, the Wurlitzer always plays a short prologue prior to each film presentation.

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