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The Pianos

There are two pianos on stage at Old Town Music Hall -- a nine-foot, 92-note Bosendorfer concert grand, and a six-foot, Haines Brothers "reproducer" grand with an Ampico movement.

The Bosendorfer was manufactured in Vienna by the finest of craftsmen and purchased new in 1974. Bosendorfer has been making fine pianos since 1828. The Haines was built in the United States during the 1920's, and has been completely rebuilt -- including the "reproducer".

Unlike a "player", the "reproducer" is capable of playing notes loud or soft, according to the music as transcribed onto the paper rolls. A project currently in progress is to connect the Haines grand to the Mighty Wurlitzer, yet providing another variation on wonderful sounds made at the theater.

We feel Old Town Music Hall houses three of the finest instruments made and it gives us great pleasure to share them with you during our many scheduled concerts.

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