Greg Breed

The Theatre Organ Society of San Diego is pleased to welcome back the talents of Greg Breed. Greg’s interest in theatre organs and silent films began as a teenager, an interest that would later occupy all of his spare time. In addition to studying the organ, Greg turned his talents to the art of rebuilding and restoring these rapidly vanishing instruments. An active member of the Theatre Organ Society, Greg has served as our Organ Crew Chief for the last 16 years, overseeing the Wurlitzer in the California Theatre (and its later removal). He worked closely with another local organ builder to make the Robert-Morton organ in Symphony Hall ready for the popular “Nickelodeon” series and was in charge of the installation of the chapter’s Wurlitzer organ in Trinity facilities. Greg makes his home in Rancho Penasquitos with his wife Cindy, his two daughters Ashley and Katie, and a 3-manual, 19 rank Robert-Morton theatre pipe organ.

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