Alex Zslot and Rob Richard

Rob Richards

Rob Richards has established worldwide fame as a concert and recording artist, and is currently the House Organist at Disney's historic El Capitan theatre in Hollywood.

In addition to his international concert schedule, he has performed an astonishing FOUR THOUSAND performances at the El Capitan since 1999, playing the legendary Wurlitzer pipe organ originally installed in San Francisco's Fox Theatre.

His combination of technical facility, showmanship and personality has won him fans across America and around the world.

Richards' design expertise has led to numerous collaborations as tonal consultant on pipe, digital, and combination instruments. His association with instruments includes instrument design and planning, as well as tonal finishing.

As product specialist associated with Walker Technical Company (builders of state-of-the-art custom digital instruments) his duties include instrument design, marketing and public relations, as well as concerts and recordings.

Richards was named 2005 "Organist of the Year" by the American Theatre Organ Society, coinciding with his thirtieth year of concerts and the Society's 50th anniversary.

Alex Zsolt

America’s New Gospel Pianist, Alex-Zsolt, has a sincere passion to present music that appeals to people of all ages. He has also been a frequent guest pianist with Rob Richards, Disney's Theater Organist

Alex-Zsolt holds two cum laude degrees from the school of music at Central Michigan University, in music education and composition. Some of Alex's works are published and available for use. Alex has released seven CDs to date. Many of his CD releases are collaborations with world renowned composer and arranger David T. Clydesdale.

Alex chose the music education degree and has been consulting for churches in order to help them make the most out of their music programs. He chose the composition degree to offer quality music for different ensembles. Alex has had the opportunity to arrange music for churches on a personal basis. He is currently finishing up many orchestra, choir, ensemble, and piano arrangements to fill this need in today’s church.

Alex-Zsolt has been in partnership with World Vision International, an organization dedicated to child sponsorships. To date, Alex-Zsolt has found sponsorships for over 300 children around the world.

Alex is married to Monica, a talented clarinetist and his soul mate. In June of 2009 they moved from Grand Rapids, MI to Nashville, TN.

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