Daniel Hopkins' Tracker Organ

A work in Progress
By Daniel Wallace Hopkins

I am a Pipe Organ lover. I love the music that they make plus I like to make music on them. I am not a professional organist. I only can play what I listen to. Very little. Mostly hymns and contemporary Christian chourses.

I do have a real pipe organ in my livingroom. This organ was given to me. It was built in 1896 by Pain & Wetmore of St.John New Brunswick Canada for a Church in Middleton Nova Scotia. 30 or more years ago this organ was removed from the church and acquired by a man who installed it in his barn. There it sat unused but assembled. He sold his house I got in contact with him via Letourneau Pipe organs of Quebec.

The man was so anxious to get rid of it that he gave it to me for free.It is a 1 manual tracker with 25 note pedal board. It has some cyphers which dissapear when playing. I have it powered by a 1hp casavant blower.


8' bourdon
8'open diapason
4 ' Octave
2' fifteenth

It had a 16 ' bourdon pedal octave but for now the 16 ' octave I had to omit because of space limitations. I have enough height but not floor space I couldn't use the lowest 8 on the open yet either I would have had to have a 15' ceiling we have 12' ceiling.

The organ still isnt complete. I have the case work to do now.I am tuning it with a Korg AT-12 Chromatic tuner I bought in June.

By the way I restencilled the pipes in the picture.They origionally had been stencilled but sometime during the life of the organ they had been painted ugly silver. I sanded till I got to the origional finish took the pattern and re-stencilled. Big job. I am satisfied with the results.

By the way I go to a Pentecostal Church

Danny Hopkins
P.O. Box 176
Lockeport N.S.
B0T 1L0

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