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Located in Regina, Canada


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The beautifully restored two manual console. Seventeen Stops have been added to the backrail


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Part of the Solo Chamber: Post Horn, Vox Humana, Orchestral Oboe, Tibia, Tuba and Kinura

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The 2 section Toy Counter: Swell shades are to the right

Great02s.JPG (261519 bytes)

Part of the Main Chamber: Flute, Violin, Diapason, Violin Celeste and Clarinet.

Some of the 16' Diaphones are in the background, The Violin offsets are to the right.

reg04s.JPG (161835 bytes)

This is the Regulator Room. Note the added weight on the Tibia regulator. There are nine regulators,

one winker, and six tremulants.

Relay01s.JPG (264437 bytes)

This is the relay. There are two switchstacks at the far end.

 Glock01s.JPG (104895 bytes)

The Glockenspiel and Xylophone

Truck01s.JPG (65203 bytes)

The cold winter day the truck arrived. Luckily, the snow has not fallen yet.


Blower01s.JPG (43966 bytes)

The 5 horse power Spencer Blower.

This is currently installed and in operation. Potential buyers are invited to stop in and try it out. Buyer is responsible for packing and delivery.

Some work space will be available for packing. I also have some large pipe crates which will be included.

email : innercity@sasktel.net



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