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 Jelani's Newest Recording:

"Discovering the Unit Orchestra"

  Discovering the Unit Orchestra is one of Jelani Eddington's latest recordings, recorded on the massive Dickinson High School 3/66 Kimball.

Songs include:Trolley Song, Steppin' Out With My Baby, Here's That Rainy Day, a Cuckoo in the Next (arr. Sydney Torch), Remembering the Songs of Vincent Youmans- Great Day, Orchids in the Moonlight, More Than You Know, Tea for Two, Hallelujah!- Belle of the Ball, You and the Night and the Music, Remember Me?, Symphonic Suite from "Porgy and Bess"- Introduction/Catfish Row, summertime, I Got Plenty O' Nuttin', Bess, You Is My woman, It Ain't Necessarily So, There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York, Oh, Bess, Oh Where's My Bess, Oh Lawd, I'm On My Way- Through the Eyes of Love, Dance of the Hours.

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Pipe Organ Extravaganza II

Recorded Live at the Rialto Square Theatre, Joliet, Illinois, October 11, 1997.

Features: Jelani Eddington, Stan Kann, Walt Strony, Dave Wickerham, Tom Hazleton with the Ron Smolen Big Band

Selections include these numbers: Flat Foot Floogee, Mairzy Doats, National Emblem March, Dancing Tambourine, My Vision, Tico Tico, Little Girl, Rollercoaster, Hot Dog, My Fair Lady Medley, In the Mood, Rhapsody in Blue, Stars and Stripes Forever, A Lovely Way To Spend an Evening.




Rhapsody is Jelani Eddington's latest recording, recorded on the Dr. Karl Saunders Residence 3/31 Wurlitzer, Zanesville, Ohio. Two organs form the basis for the instrument. First, A 1925 Wurlitzer Style 260 complete with Piano and 32' Diaphone from the Kansas City Newman Theatre (Later Paramount) identified as Opus 1173. Secondly, a 1927 Wurlitzer Style H, Opus 1677 from the New Haven Paramount Theatre in New Haven, CT.


Selections include: That's Entertainment (286K), Something's Gotta Give, What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?, La Danza, George Gershwin Remembered: Love is Sweeping the Country; Nice Work If You Can Get It; Embraceable You; Rhapsody In Blue; I Got Rhythm; The Man I Love , Speak Low, Penny Whistle Song, The Nearness of You (307K), Medley from "Top Hat": (157K) Top Hat, White Tie, and Tails; Isn't This a Lovely Day?; Cheek to Cheek; The Piccolino , Since I Fell For You (240K), Hungarian Rhapsody #2 in C# Minor (179K)


Jelani Eddington fell in love with the theatre pipe organ when, at the age of eight, he first visited the Paramount Music Palace in Indianapolis, Indiana. Frequent visits there, continuing the piano lessons begun at age four, and beginning classical organ instruction were followed by his joining the Central Indiana Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society. This association led to his study under nationally noted theatre organ teacher John Ferguson; a year later, in 1988, he was the youngest-ever (age 13) overall winner of the A.T O.S. Young Organists Competition. Since that win, he has performed at many national conventions and made concert appearances across the country.

Jelani is a multi-talented young man. A 1992 honors graduate of Muncie, Indiana, Southside High School, he was a recipient of the prestigious Herman B. Wells Scholarship to Indiana University in Bloomington. This full four-year award will enable him to pursue studies in political science and foreign language with a career goal in the field of international diplomacy. A theatre organ career will also continue to play an important role in his future plans.


"Here's Jelani" is Jelani Eddington's first recording, released in 1992. Recorded at the Emmerich Manual High School Auditorium on their 3/26 Wurlitzer.



Musical selections include: Fine and Dandy (3.2mb), April in Paris, Promenade, With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming (795kb), Personality, Like Someone in Love, Louisiana Hayride (1.08mb), Medley From "Girl Crazy" (Embraceable You, Bidin' My Time, But Not for Me, I Got Rhythm, Reprise), You Make Me Feel So Young, Pavanne (471kb), Yesterdays, El Relicario (411kb), Nanette, Secret Love (965kb), I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart, Frasquita Serenade (1.08mb), Jersey Bounce (875kb) Wunderbar, Forever And A Day, and Rollercoaster (1.73mb).

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Although the original purpose of the theatre organ was to accompany silent films in the majestic movie palaces of the 1920's, this unique and versatile instrument beautifully recaptures the sounds and the nostalgia of music, not only from that era, but of the many subsequent decades. Personally, I felt compelled to record tunes that explore the various styles of music from many different time periods.

From the "big band" sounds of Jersey Bounce, and the fiery Latin tempo of El Relicario, to the soft, intimate colors of April in Paris, and the simple orchestral flavor of Frasquita Serenade, I feel that I was able to capture the mood of a time period that is too often overlooked today. To me, one of the most meaningful selections of this recording is Jerome Kern's breathtaking composition, Yesterdays, which combines beautiful lyrics with a gorgeous melody to create, in my opinion, one of the most moving ballads ever written.

Hopefully, "Here's Jelani" will be able to combine the thrilling sounds of the Mighty Wurlitzer with the beautiful tunes of yesteryear to create for you a musical "painting" so to speak, of the ambiance and the feeling of this era. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the recording.



This collection, my first professional recording endeavor, has been a large undertaking for me, as many hours of work and preparation have gone into this recording by many, many people. However, I feel that it would be a great injustice not to thank a few of the people that have been paramount in the production of this recording.

First, I extend my genuine thanks to my recording engineer, Robert Ridgeway, with whom it was a great honor to work during this recording. And to my organ instructor, John Ferguson, I also relate a very warm "thank you." John has been a source of constant encouragement, wonderful tutelage, and sincere friendship for many many years. Likewise, I would like to thank the Central Indiana Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society for helping to make this recording a possibility and for the support that the club has given me over the past several years.

Of course, my sincerest and most heart-felt thanks and love go to my mother, Louise Eddington, and grandmother, Florence Arnold. From the time I was barely tall enough to sit at the piano and bang out "Chopsticks" they have always given me the support and encouragement that I needed, not only in the area of music, but in every aspect of my life.

Finally, I would like to thank you personally for supporting our efforts at Emmerich Manual High School and the theatre organ in general. I can only hope that you get the enjoyment out of hearing this instrument that I get from playing it. Jelani Eddington



The Emmerich Manual High School 3/26 Wurlitzer you hear on this recording was over three years in the making, including thousands of man-hours in labor and over one-hundred thousand dollars in cost, and the entire project was a volunteer effort planned and executed by members of the Central Indiana Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society (CICATOS). The result was one of the largest Wurlitzer pipe organs in a high school auditorium in the United States. The striking three-manual console controls 26 ranks of pipes of varying tone, plus drums, tambourines, bells, whistles and all the wonderful sounds that comprise the theatre pipe organ. At the dedication concert in 1990 the organ was presented as a gift to the Indianapolis Public School System from CIC-ATOS. Proceeds from concerts and the sales of this recording help CIC-ATOS maintain this instrument at no cost to IPS. We hope you enjoy this album and invite you to submit your name and address for inclusion to our CIC-ATOS mailing list to keep you informed of future album releases.




Jelani Eddington in Concert

It is always difficult to resolve the question of what should be included in a recording, for there is a boundless wealth of wonderful music that has been written over the years. From Irving Berlin to Stephen Sondheim, the array of beautifully enthralling music is simply without end.


In fact, one of the reasons that I fell in love with the theatre pipe organ is because the instrument, originally developed to imitate the sounds of an orchestra, is full of color and a richness unparalleled by any other. What I have endeavored to do in compiling the music for this recording is to try to make use of the different rich colors of the theatre organ in order to paint a musical "picture" for you to enjoy.

Highlighted selections have sampled .wav files to hear them

The Playlist includes: Lover (1.21mb), It's Only a Paper Moon (830kb), Skylark (849kb), Opus One (1.15mb) , Calcutta, Night and Day (865kb), A Tribute to Jerome Kern (Make Believe/Pick Yourself Up/ The Song is You/ Why Do I Love You?/ Who?/All the Things You Are)(1.47mb), I've Got the World on a String, Music of the Night (881kb), Knightsbridge March (568kb), Fiddle-Faddle, Morning Has Broken, Clarinet Polka, Valse Op. 64 No. 1 (Minute Waltz) The Best Things in Life are Free, Liza, Port-Au-Prince, One Morning in May and Ridin' High

Total Playing time is 73 minutes.









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A Word About the Artist
By Timothy Needler

If talent, dedication, and hard work are the ingredients for sure success, then Jelani Eddington has no worries, as he possesses all three in depth. Ever since I met Jelani when he was twelve, I have been sincerely impressed with his industry and his ability to focus on a goal and work steadily toward it until he conquers it. That he has talent was always recognized, but many people have talent and do little with it. Jelani took the gift God gave him and made sure it did not lie fallow.

Born in Muncie. Indiana, on June 20, 1974, the son of Louise Eddington and the late Robert Eddington, Jelani began on piano at the early age of four and studied ten years with his grandmother, Florence Arnold, a well-known piano teacher in Muncie. When he was ten, he also began studying the organ with instructors at Ball State University in his home town. Shortly thereafter, he discovered theatre organ, and he and his mother joined the American Theatre Organ Society and began coming to meetings of the Central Indiana Chapter of ATOS in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is in this capacity that I met Jelani and well recall his eagerness to participate in "open console" sessions, in which members and guests are welcome to play theatre pipe organs for other members. Jelani had no stagefright or shyness, and it was soon apparent to all that he possessed a great gift and was working hard to acquire a solid foundation in musical knowledge.

He began studying theatre pipe organ with one of the leading teachers of this instrument, John Ferguson, who was a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana at the time. With John's assistance and Jelani's hard work, he entered the Young Organist Competition - an international theatre organ competition, sponsored by ATOS, for young organists between the ages of 13 and 21. After winning the local chapter's competition, he was eligible to compete on a national level which he did and won at the age of 13, the youngest contestant to ever to have done so, before or since! Along with the first-place cash prize, Jelani presented a cameo concert at the following national ATOS convention, which took place in Portland, Oregon, in July of 1988. Jelani's concert was a smash success, and his career blossomed as he began giving concerts on theatre organs around the country.

Jelani did not neglect his scholastic studies and graduated from high school as Salutatorian in a class of 272. He won a four-year, full-ride scholarship to Indiana University where he majored in Political Science and French with a Minor in Russian Translation. While in college, he studied for a year in Strasbourg, France (in conjunction with the Intensive Study Abroad program of Indiana University) and also spent most of one summer abroad studying Russian Language and Literature in St. Petersburg, Russia. In June of 1996, Jelani graduated from Indiana University With Highest Distinction, having received numerous awards and honors, including Phi Beta Kappa.

During his college years, Jelani continued to concertize on theatre pipe organs around the United States. He has also performed many concerts overseas, including appearances in England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to this project, Jelani has released two highly acclaimed recordings (Here's Jelani! in July of 1992, recorded on the 3/26 Wurlitzer at Manual High School in Indianapolis, IN; and Jelani Eddington in Concert in November of 1994, recorded on the 3/28 Wurlitzer/ Kimball at the Organ Piper Music Palace in Greenfield, WI. Jelani is also equally adept in popular and classical piano repertoire.

At the time of this recording, Jelani is enrolled in Yale Law School pursuing a Juris Doctor degree. While other esteemed institutions offered him full-ride scholarships, Jelani chose Yale, which is recognized by many as the nation's leading school for the study of law. Because of his love of foreign languages and his studies in political science, Jelani will devote a significant portion of his legal education to the study of international law. His plans for the future including combining a passionate interest in theatre organ with a career in the legal profession.

I have no doubts that he will achieve exactly this as he continues to apply himself diligently to the goals he constantly sets for himself. He is gifted with numberous talents; he works very hard and achieves much. In addition, he is one fine musician and, perhaps more importantly, a very nice down-to-earth guy!





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