1998 Designer Dolls

Due to the inconvienence of not having the proper instruments to take pictures, please bare with me while I try in insure a quality that will give the best details on the dolls.

  • Thanks
  • Andrew Fairchild
  • "Original Creations"

  • This doll is dressed in a cream skirt which has
  • a golden threaded flower print throughout.
  • Her blouse is a cream silk with an overlay
  • of golden meshed material. Her dress straps
  • consist of over fifteen goleden beads and
  • Australian crystals. She comes with a total of
  • four cream scarfs which flow from her hands
  • which also have accents of Australian crystals.
  • Her hair is pulled in a turned under french
  • twist. She also has rooted eyelashes.

  • Accessories: Gold beaded braclets, diamond
  • drop earrings, Shoes and stand.

  • FD#2001...Price: $135.00

  • Also available in platinum blonde.

  • This doll is dressed in a white silk fitting dress.
  • From her toes she is dressed in fur, and her skirt
  • is accented with over 30 silver plated beads and
  • Australian crystals. Her blouse is has many of the
  • same accents. Fanned out behind her are white
  • feathers to add that little softness to her ensemble.
  • Her hair is done in swirl of braids which help to
  • capture the beauty of this doll.

  • Accessories: Gloves, crystal necklace and braclet,
  • Silver plated Australian crystal earrings, shoes
  • and stand.

  • FD#2002...Price: $175.00

  • Also available in brunnette.

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