4504 Maple Ave| Halethorpe, Maryland | 21227| Tel: 410.402.7811 Email: FreeStateTheatre@FreeStateTheatreOrganSoc.onmicrosoft.com
Free state theatre organ society Preserving Pipe Organs of the past to be enjoyed in the future.
FSTOS ( a chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society) operates on the campus of Spring Grove Hospital Center in Catonsville, Maryland. Our organ is located in Rice Auditorium (#35 on map) at the corner of Hickory St. (aka Asylum Ln.) and Elm St. Our Work Shop is in Stone Cottage E (#40 on the map), Spruce St. https://health.maryland.gov/springgrove/Documents/mapbrochure.pdf Pictured here is our 3 manual Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ. We are restoring a 4 manual, 20 rank, theatre pipe organ. Due to COVID-19 we are unable to meet or produce concerts. We will have no access to the campus until the state of emergency is lifted by the state. We are suspending dues, but we still need funds to maintain our status as an organization. The Society is a tax-exempt educational organization as defined by the IRS code, 501 (c)(3) , your gifts may be tax deductible. Donations should be made to the Free State Theatre Organ Socitey, Inc. - 4504 Maple Ave., Halethorpe, Maryland 21227

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