Jazz/Funk Organ Map

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Fats Waller (1904-1943)
Early Jazz on pipe organ;
toured with Hammond [late 30s]

"Wild" Bill Davis (1918-1995)
First organ trios [late 40s]

Milt Buckner (1915-1977)
Big band [early 50s]

Jimmy Smith (1925)
Revolutionized Jazz organ with new sounds/voicings; coincided with addition of percussion features on Hammond B-3® which became signature model [late 50s]

[late 50s]

Bill Doggett (1916-1996)
Hank Marr (1927)
Bobby Byrd [60s]
Booker T. Jones
Jimmy McGriff [late 60s]
Art Neville
Billy Preston
Chester Thompson [70s]
Bernie Worrell
Jack McDuff (1926)
Jimmy McGriff (1936)
"Groove" Holmes (1931-91)
Shirley Scott (1934)
Larry Young (1940-78) [60s]
"Big" John Patton (1935)
Don Patterson (1936-88)
Charles Earland (1941)
Lonnie Smith

Ronnie Foster [late 60s]
Reuben Wilson
Charles Kynard (1933)
Leon Spencer Jr. [70s]

Larry Young [70s]
Larry Young [late 60s]
| [80s]
Amina Claudine Myers (1943)
Don Pullen (1941-1995)
Jeff Palmer (1948)
John Medeski (1965)

"Modern" & "Retro" Jazz
Joey DeFrancesco (1971) [80s]
Barbara Dennerlein (1965)
Larry Goldings (1968) [90s]

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