Why The Hammond Grounds?

This is a voluntary and not-for-profit effort on my part. I put this list and WWW site together out of my love for the organists and their music. This "project" is not associated with anyone (other than its many contributors) or any organization.

I want to provide biographies, discographies, and any photos and/or sound samples any Hammond organists give permission for. If you play the Hammond organ professionally and want to set up an interview, please e-mail me. I can also design a Web page for you if you want to sell an independently produced CD over the Net. This service I offer at no charge to any band which features an organist. If you are a label marketer and want to promote a signed organist over the Net, I will sell my services in exchange for some CDs (or use your imagination)!

If you're asking yourself why I do this, I still haven't given up because of the new friends I've made in the process, all the input from subscribers, the great stories I've read, the new music I've discovered, the few free CDs I've received, and the opportunity to thank the organists who have provided me (us) with all this great music.

Also, this is my way of enhancing my Web design skills and of demonstrating them to potential customers. I am available for individual or team projects in the NYC area, or can work over the Net. Please e-mail me for my resume.

Pipe dreams: starting a label exclusively for organists, opening a club called The Hammond Grounds with several Hammonds and Leslies, learning to play the damn thing, finding hidden recordings from Larry Young's visits to John Coltrane's home, completing the (in)Complete Hammond Discography, running the 24 hour B3-TV network, ...

Gilles Bacon

Hammond Grounds

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