Appendix D - Essential Discography

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The discography of All Recordings Ever Made That Include Hammond Organ As A Main Or Accompanying Instrument That Anyone Thinks Are Important is not included in this version of the FAQ. What is included here are those recordings considered to be archetypical of a particular genre or are otherwise noteworthy.

Listed by CD's artist name, w/ [organist in brackets next to the name], or before the CD name. (Notable artists in parentheses.) Dates are recording dates. C = compilation.


Davis, Wild Bill - Trio w/ Floyd Smith
At Birdland, 1955, Epic/Columbia
Impulsions, 1972, Black & Blue
DeFrancesco, Joey
Reboppin', 1992, Columbia
Relentless, 1992, Big Mo'
Donaldson, Lou
John Patton, The Natural Soul, 1962, Blue Note
Holmes, Richard "Groove"
Misty, 1966, Prestige
Night Glider, 1973, Musidisc
McDuff, "Brother" Jack
(K. Burrell), Crash, 1963, Prestige
McGriff, Jimmy
The Countdown, 1983, Milestone
Montgomery, Wes
Mel Rhyne, Guitar on the Go, 1963, Riverside
Patton, John "Big"
(G. Green) Along Came John, 1963, Blue Note
(G. Green) Blue John, 1963, Blue Note
(G. Green) Let 'Em Roll, 1965, Blue Note
(John Zorn) Blue Planet Man, 1993, Paddle Wheel
Rhyne, Melvin
Boss Organ, 1993, Criss
Scott, Shirley
(S. Turrentine) Queen of the Organ (Live), 1965, Impulse
Smith, Jimmy
(D. Byrd/H. Mobley/A. Blakey) A Date w/ JS Vols. 1&2, 1957, Blue Note
(L. Donaldson/K. Burrell/A. Blakey) JS At The Organ V. 1&2 1957, Blue Note
(L. Donaldson/K. Burrell/A. Blakey) The Sermon, 1957-8, Blue Note
(L. Morgan/G. Coleman/A. Blakey) House Party, 1958, Blue Note
(I. Quebec/J. McLean/Q. Warren) Open House/Plain Talk, 1960, Blue Note
(S. Turrentine/K. Burrell) Back At The Chicken Shack, 1960, Blue Note
(S. Turrentine/K. Burrell) Midnight Special, 1960, Blue Note
(Quentin Warren/Donald Bailey) Crazy! Baby, 1960, Blue Note
(Kenny Burrell/Jimmie Smith) ,The Master (Live), 1993, Blue Note
(Q. Warren/Orch.) Bashin', 1962, Verve
(K. Burrell/Grady Tate) Organ Grinder's Swing, 1965, Verve
(Wes Montgomery/Orch.) The Dynamic Duo, 1966, Verve
(S. Turrentine/K. Burrell), Fourmost (Live), 1990, Milestone
Smith, Dr. Lonnie - Trio w/ John Abercrombie
Purple Haze - Hendrix Tribute, 1994, Venus
Foxy Lady - Hendrix Tribute, 1994, Venus
Stitt, Sonny w/ Jack McDuff
Stitt Meets Brother Jack, 1962, Prestige
Young, Larry
(T. Schwartz) Testifying, 1960, Prestige
(J. Henderson, W. Shaw, E. Jones) Unity, 1964, Blue Note
Willette, "Baby" Face
Face To Face, 1962, Blue Note


Dogget, Bill
Doggett Beat For Dancing Feet, C1952-9, King
Dance Awhile With Doggett, C1952-9, King
Earl, Ronnie & the Broadcasters [Bruce Katz]
Still River, 1993, AudioQuest
Language of the Soul, 1994, Bullseye Blues
Katz, Bruce
Crescent Crawl, 1992, AudioQuest
King, Albert
J. Washington, Live Wire/Blues Power, 1968, Stax
Levy, Ron (Wild Kingdom)
B-3 Blues & Grooves, 1993, Rounder
Peterson, Lucky
(Melvin Taylor) Ridin', 1984, Isabel
Spann, Otis
Cryin' Time, 1968, Vanguard


Blind Faith [Steve Winwood]
Blind Faith, 1969, Polydor
Hendrix Experience, The Jimi
Al Kooper, Electric Ladyland, 1968, MCA
Santana [Gregg Rolie]
Santana I, 1968, Columbia
Spencer Davis Group [Steve Winwood]
Gimme Some Lovin', 1967, EMI USA
Williams, Tony Lifetime
(John McLaughlin) Tony Williams Lifetime, 1970, Polydor


Booker T. & the MG's [Booker T. Jones]
Green Onions, 1962, Atlantic
Soul Dressing, 1964, Atlantic
Brown, James
Bobby Byrd, Soul Pride: The Instrumentals, 1960-69, Polydor
Funk Inc. [Bobby Whatley]
Funk Inc., 1971, Prestige
Chicken Lickin', 1972, Prestige
Meters, The [Art Neville]
The Meters, 1969, Josie
Look-Ka Py Py, 1970, Josie
Struttin', 1970, Josie
Parker, Maceo
Don Pullen, Roots Revisited, 1990, Verve


Directions In Groove [Scott Saunders]
Deeper, 1994, Verve

Various Artists

Jazz 'Round Midnight: Organ, 1989, 841 448-2
Blue Note:
So Blue So Funky Vol. 1 (Blue Funk), 1991, CDP 7965632
So Blue So Funky Vol. 2, 1994, CDP 8290922

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