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The Hammond Technical Mailing List is an informal internet mailing list for and by people interested in Hammond organs (old and new) and related issues. The purpose of the list is to provide a forum for sharing general questions and answers, technical information, equipment reviews, etc., regarding the Hammond organ, it's clones, accessories, etc.

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Posted by to the Hammond Mailing List by Sal Azz


Transcribed from the Service Manual by Dave Dillon.


GOFF Professional, Organ Service Company Inc.


The B-3 buyer's guide was submitted by Al Goff


Caig no longer produces Cramolin R-5, due to its Freon content. The replacement product is DeoxIT (Cramolin Red replacement), PreservIT (Cramolin Blue replacement).


Attributed to Al Goff in a Keyboard Mag interview.


This was a list posting from Bob Schliecher


The preamp adjustment procedure was submitted by Al Goff.


This tip submitted by Steve Blair.


The vibrato repair procedure was submitted by Bob Schliecher.


The busbar lube procedure was submitted by Bob Schleicher.


The percussion drawbar-volume TECH TIP was posted to the Hammond Mailing List in June 1995.


This tip submitted by Steve Blair, indeed a cheap man.


Sent to the Hammond List by Kurt Schlieter.


The Hammond Age Determination List, maintained by Rick Prevallet, can be found at http://users.solve.net/~rickp/Hammond/AgeList.HTML



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