Laurens Hammond at a Model A

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You can use this list to identify your Hammond by looking through it all, or alternatively go to Adrianne Schutt's Remote Tonewheel Hammond ID for Dummies page.

It's been over two years since the last update! - In that time many people have sent me information, but through my own fault I have lost some of it. Many apologies if you sent me something and it's not on here ...

Also, note that the list has moved to a new server from my old university account.

Please also bare in mind that I'm based in the UK, not the USA.

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Ted Thompson for collecting the original Leslie data.

Lauritz Arntzen for letting me scan in some of his catalogue pictures (all the ones with l_ at the front).

Harvey Olsen for some extra Leslie and A100 information.

Greg Armstrong for the N series info.

If anyone feels that I should ackowledge them then please email me.

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