Hammond & Leslie Tube Usage Charts
The following charts are an attempt to aid in the purchasing (and pillaging) of tubes.  Listed are known consoles, tone cabinets and Leslies to the FAQ owner.  Information and feedback are welcome regarding the format, additions, etc.
Hammond XB-2: Repairs and Tech Tips
The Hammond XB-2 is Hammond Suzuki's single manual drawbar simulator. Mark Longo has written these tech tips on repairing keys, adjusting internal pots, and eq'ing the XB-2.
Hammond Sounds for Alternative Tastes
For those individuals that find they want the sound of a drawbar organ among the weapons in their quiver, but by choice or fortune find themselves without either a Hammond clone or The Real Thing, Bruce Wahler has prepared this guide. Hammond Sounds for Alternative Tastes includes tricks, tips, and programming hints on how a simulation of The Sound can be coaxed out of many of today's modern (and not so modern) synthesizers.
The Absolute Beginner's B-3 Newsletter
In addition to the usual FAQ type information on Hammonds and Leslies, The Absolute Beginner's B-3 Newsletter by Gary Carlin, lists and reviews a lot of Hammond organ instructional material, videos and books.
Converting a Hammond M2 Organ into an M3
Jim Ormond has written a technical guide to this conversion.
Unearthing the Mysteries of the Leslie Cabinet
By Clifford A. Henricksen, it reveals much about the physics of the Leslie's unique sound. It's an entertaining article and is a definite gotta-read (at least for us Leslie fanatics). First published in Recording Engineer/Producer magazine, April 1981, it is reprinted here by permission of the author.

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