Equipment Reviews

bulletThe New Korg CX-3 The CX-3 is a Hammond organ copy which simulates the sound created by rotating tone wheels in a Hammond console model organ.  (Bruce Wahler)
bulletLeslie 302 A smaller Leslie with a conventional treble horn, 12" speaker, and electronic bass rotor simulation (by Mark Longo).
bulletBlue Tube from Tubeworks. The Blue Tube is a rackmount device used for tube generated overdrive and distortion type effects (by Mark Longo).
bulletPRO-3 from Motion Sound. The PRO-3 uses a compression driven rotating treble horn and provides an electronic bass rotor simulation signal for your bass amplification system. (by Mark Longo).
bulletResults of the Hammond Clone Wars. The results are in! List members tallied the score as the clones did battle. The top B-3 clones were pitted against each other and a Goff-prepared B-3. Both dedicated and clone-internal Leslie simulators were tested using a Goff-prepared 122 as a reference. (by Mark Longo.)
bulletHammond-Suzuki XB2 ROM Upgrade. This ROM upgrade provides a substantial functional performance enhancement. (by Mark Longo).
bulletPRO-3T from Motion Sound. The PRO-3T expands on the PRO-3 by adding a tube stage preamplifier and fixing many shortcomings of it's older brother. (by David Jacques).
bulletA.R.T. Dual MP. This tube preamp is A.R.T.'s latest contribution to the hollow-state revival. (by Bruce Wahler).
bulletRPM-1 from Digitech. The RPM-1 is a single rack space Leslie simulator (by Bruce Wahler).
bulletV-3 from Voce. The V-3 is a single rack space Hammond organ simulator. It also has an internal Leslie simulator (by Bruce Wahler).

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