Hammond & Leslie FAQ Schematics & TSBs

In years past, this FAQ contained schematics for the B3/C3, Leslie 22H, 122/147 and a series of drawings by Bob Schleicher and others.  It has been my endeavor to provide a complete set of schematics for all pre-1974 Hammonds, Tone Cabinets and Leslies on this site. 

I had almost all the schematics scanned for pre-74 tonewheel Hammonds and summarily trashed them when found a better copy of all the schematics I needed. I have taken up the project again, but this time starting with these BETTER quality schematics as a basis.  The time spent per schematic is upwards of 2 days, and is a slow process... but the results are "amazing".  Until these scans become reality, you will find the schematics previously at this site to be still here, following one of the two links below!  <FAQ Maintainer>


bulletSchematics: B3 / C3, Leslie 122/147/22H, Effect Loops & Mods


bulletTechnical Service Bulletins (TSB)


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