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These manufacturers/suppliers are on the web (or info avail):



Enrick Company

Manufacturer of the Roll-or-Kari.

Hammond-Suzuki USA

Current manufacturer of Hammonds and Leslies

Keyboard Systems

Maker of "MIDI-Plus MIDI Retro Kits" MIDI retrofit kits for DC keyed or audio keyed organs. Source for all pre-1985 Lowrey parts and manuals, 'Electronic Cross Reference Master' software, ICs, transistors, tubes and Top Octave (TOS) chips.

Roland Musical Equipment

Manufactures the VK-7 and VK-77

Trek II

Leslie parts, various adaptors, perc kits, mods, etc.

Voce, Inc.

Manufactures the V3, V5 and Micro B][ organ modules

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