This is a very a very personal note and apologise if you don't feel this proper for these pages, but I would like to put this on record. My wife, Audrey, passed away on the 31st of December 2005. She was 56 years old and had contracted cancer of the bladder. She was in hospital for 2-3 months but there was nothing to be done for here. She came home for the final 6-7 weeks when I and the children looked after her. We had been together for 40 years and her loss is massive to myself and the children and she will be remembered as long as I and the family are around.

Audrey wasn't a great fan of organ music but she knew about Ken for as long as she had known me and appreciated Ken's playing style and my lifelong interest in his music. She would comment on hearing any particular track that caught her attention and it was always in favour. Therefore I have included this dedication to Audrey, not only as my wife and partner for 40 years but that she too was a part of the Ken Griffin family of fans. 

Audrey Lawrence Stuart Reid
1948 - 2004

"Long the years together, Longer the memories"

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