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(Updated Oct. 2009)

N.B. this is a 1922 map and the main road has changed somewhat from that time,although the country roads
have changed little or not at all.

September 2008. Starting from the old overbridge west of Achmacoy station site. I cycled to the new main road until I reached the junction for the Crawhead road (18) and took that until I came to where
the  railway went under the road. Sadly, the railway bridge has been demolished with the road running over a backfill. You can still make out the track bed running north towards Achmacoy and also south
towards Ellon.



It was a real surprise when looking from the bridge to the south that the trackbed
up ahead has been tarred over. This deserved a closer look!

From the Balmacassie bridge. Southwards the track bed is well defines ans it runs southwards towards Ellon. Right: From the opposite side of the bridge with the trarred road running
                                                                                                                          towards Crawhead.

Looking south from the road bridge the well defined track bed runs towards the now heavily
expanding Ellon.
Surely the town has expanded enough to warrent a railway one again!

A short walk north of the bridge and behind the track bed we get back onto the track bed and the north side of the overbridge. The way being blancked off by heavy over growth towards Ellon.


Looking northwards with th e tarred track bed running towards Knapps Farm and to Auchmacoy.

Left: A telephoto shot. Note the Crow sitting on the bridge parapet.                                                              Right: A wide angle shot from the same spot. You can just make out the Crow still there! About one pixel in size, I would think!


It would be fantastic if all or most of the branch was like this. Proving what a waste all the 'dead' railways are around the U.K. Right: At this point the tarmaced road turns north up to Knapps Farm. Ahead the
track bed is left to the overgrowth towards Crawhead and Auchmacoy.

From Balmacassie the track bed drops towards Ellon. This was a very undeveloped lansdcape in railway times.

It's quite a long-ish sweep and a steady down grade. A telephoto shot of the track bed with
 the village of Broomfield in the background.

The track bed as it comes to the end where it is cut off by the new bypass.

The actual cut-off by the bypass

David enjoys the evening sunshine on the embankment on the south side of
the bypass.

David Towsey is having a rough search through the over growth on the embankment..

The short embankment comes to an end by the road at

The short embankment remains.

Where the embankment id split by the road at Nockorth.

Southern side of the lost embankment.

End of embankment by Knockorth.

Not a chance of a train ever coming through here again!

The line of houses follow the curve of the old track bed next to School Road.

The Ex Goods Yard and junction with the Fraserburgh branch on the north side of Ellon Station site.

Same spot but looking northwards where the track bed would have ran diectly through the new houses on School Road.


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