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Cruden Bay (Brick Works Site)

(Update Sept 2014)

The walk continued from the demolished bridge by the track to the Bullers and along the road towards Cruden Bay, where I came across the site of Buller's Halt before continuing along the main road to the outskirts of  Cruden village, at the road Junction with the Peterhead and Fraserburgh road. The railway bridge has been demolished but you see the north end of the branch and on the south side the bridge embuttment remains. Behind this was the Brickworks, that was linked to the railway but there was no way to get to it from this point. By walking around and into the new estate I found a way onto the site where the brickwork building had been completely demolished. The area towards the viaduct had become very boggy and impassible with the opening of the cutting onto the Viaduct being back-filled. I had to walk around the village to get to Station Road and the walk down to the old station site and the remains of the viaduct.

The end of the trackbed and the demolished bridge at the road junction for Fraserburgh and Peterhead. Right: On the south side of the road the bridge buttment is still well defined. The brickworks is just
out of site behind the  trees to the right. The main entrance to the work site is about 100 yards up the road to the right but the gate is locked. I walked to the left of this scene and a road in the new
housing estate led me to an opening where I could walk onto the work's site, albeit, it is meant to be fenced off. However, thankfully, in this case, there are large gaps in the fence. However it is not safe for
children to play in, or as I found, not even for adults. (2007).

The site of the brick works, now flattened. The trackbed towards Boddam was on the far right. Right: Looking towards Hatton. The right of way is blocked by a large heap. Perhaps there are some
interesting works' paraphenalia buried there! The track ran on the far left

A few bricks still lie around. One of the major jobs carried out by the works was the building of Lenabo Air Ship Depot, which was served by a branchline at Longside on the Peterhead branch.
 This hut by the main gate probably had no connection with the railway but is the only building left standing

The brick works covered quite a large area as seen by the concrete base. A new housing estate is built around the eastern side of the site. Right: The trackbed runs towards the cutting and the viaduct.
The ground is extremely boggie and, not seen in the picture, to the middle ground is heavily flooded. However the opening onto the viaduct has been back-filled. There may be a way up to it along the
top of the left bank. Intersting point is the object just 'ahead to the left, which is either a thermometer or gas sensing device. There was another one further back.  The land is obvioulsy being monitored.
Another point of interest is the two flags by someone's back garden in the new estate.

The flooded area beyond and the trackbed has become very  wet and boggy. The cutting towards
the viaduct has been partially back-filled

The quarry is quite deep and the area is very dangerous. Makes for a pretty scene but care must be taken in
and around this sight. It was impossible to go beyond this point on the railway trackbed and I had to return the
way I came in and walk through and around the new estate to get to the viaduct and station area.

From 23rd September 2014 Walk

The hut by the main gate is still there. The foundation of the large Brick Work buildings is slowly disappearing in he undergrowth.

The side gate is still,ocked but he fencing has been bent over and the wire removed.

Remains of a brick work's building.

The land to the north is very overgrown. This is where the Brick Works Incline railway was situated.

Cruden Brickworks by Scotland's Places

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