Hatton Station Hotel. There are some old pictures to be seen in the lounge. I'm standing on what would have been the station track, or the old bridge. According to the Hotel proprietor the new road here,
and into Station Road has returned to it's original spot prior to the railway being built. The road in front of the Hotel was the main road when the railway existed. One of my memories of visting Boddam in
the 40's & early 50's is of the bus, coming in from Aberdeen, stopped in front of the hotel, which was also a 'watering' stop. While the bus waited I recall looking down on the station, which was pretty much
intact with the track still in place. The road in front of the station was the main road then and the village road crossed over the railway bridge, while the bus headed north to Boddam. Another memory is of
passing under a bridge and looking up and seeing a gang of men and some wagons. This would have been when they were actually picking up the track in 1948. 

Hatton Goods Shed. This is the only remaining GNSR Goods Shed, and in the original colours too. I was told by the people living in the Station House that the owner of the station site plans to demolish
the shed.  It would be criminal to totally destroy it and would hope that it would be offered to a  railway  preservation group such as the Royal Deeside Society.
Hatton Goods Shed is still in GNSR Green. An interesting link with the old railway

The down station platform and buildings would have been on the flat ground to the left.  Right: Hatton Goods Shed. The building on the right is built right up to the goods platfom edge. The station was on the
left of the goods shed, which is now the new road. Perhaps a bit ironic in that the bus stop and shelter now stand on this spot

The station was to the left of the shed on which the road and the trees seen here now are.       Right: Is this the original station entrance or where the old road used to be! The road passed in front of the hotel
and immediately crossed the railway aonto Boddam or intostation road. The hotel road is now a side road

 Station Road. The station was on the left. Simmer's Bakery is seen up ahead. It was famous for it's meat pies. I visited the shop and was pleased to find that they were still serving up these great pies and enjoyed a few
moments sitting in the park on the left enjoying one along with a nice drink.       Right: 
Simmers Of Hatton Bakery. Still known for their Butter Biscuits and Scotch Pies.

Hatton Mill (1849). Now a hotel and Lounge Bar.                                                                                 Right:  View from the overgrown station yard towards the village.

Apart from the Goods Shed the Goods Platform edge is the only part of the old station remaining.The modern
building is built on the trackbed and alongside the good's platform.

Old sleepers and Track Clip sack.                                                                                                                                                Is this a railway shovel!

By the side of the goods yard A couple of old rail sections are used to hold a pile of concrete slabs.      Right:  Railing Finals. They are very well designed and finished and I wonder if they were really
part of the station.

It is of a very delicate design and the metal finely smoothed with intricate detail

Simmer's Sheds built on station and trackbed.                                                                                                                   The trackbed. Running west from the station.

Hatton station concourse and goods yard, looking towards Ellon.                                            Hatton Station House. The man living in the house to the left of this is the grandson of the last Hatton Stationmaster.

Hatton Station Photo

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