CRICH TRAMWAY MUSEUM 31st. Aug 2009 (Trams)

By Bill Reid

The orginal entrance to the museum. Not used today. The entrance is further along to the right.

Leeds Tram 180 in workshop

Fleetwood Tram No. 167 in the Workshop

Cardiff City Work Tram No 131. On it's very first outing since completion

Cardiff Works Tram 131 bogie. Note the 'compound' brake block rather than the usual metal ones

Unknown tram under preservation in the workshop

Metropolitan 331. The weather turned really bleak and showed the interior lights up. It was three in the


Blackpool & Fleet Wood Toasterack No. 2

Berlin Single deck No. 3006

Metropolitan No. 331 and Southampton No. 45

London Metropolitan No. 331

Southampton Tram No. 45

Leeds Tram No. 399

London County Council No. 1622

London County Council No. 1622

Porto Tram No. 273

Porto 273 Bogie. Note the metal clasp brake blocks.

Chesterfield No. 7


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