(5th February 2009)

(5th February 2009)

Ex EWS 66169 arrives at Didcot with a coal train from Avonmouth and uncoupled to run-round the train and haul
it into the Power Station.


The driver is back in the driving cab to await the signal to run up to the station platform.

Didcot station looking eastwards towards Reading and Paddington.

A First Great Western 165 Unit awaits departure departs at platform five for Reading and London

The First Great Western 165 Unit departs platform five towards Reading and London.

The 66 runs light loco up to the station while a Cross Country Voyager from Southampton runs past on the Down Avoider
towards Oxford and the north

Running up to the station platform with another Class 66 seen in the holding siding

66169 runs westwards to then reverse back onto the coal train then haul it into the Power Station

A First Great Western HST set departs from the down main platform, heading towards Swindon, Chippingham,
Bath and Bristol Templemeads station. A freightliner (Sea Container) train runs towards Reading.

A Left: A First Great Western HST approaching Didcot from Bristol.      Right: The First Great Western HST almost at a stop in the
                                                                                                                                    Up Platform. A FGW 165 waits departure for London
                                                                                        on the Up Relief platform.


Didcot Down Relief and Up Relief Platforms. Looking westwards.

Didcot Down and Up main platforms. Looking westwards.

This was the train crew's booking On & Off building. It is the site of the original Station Master's House.

An Up local Cl66 uit arrives from Oxford while a down local unit stands on the Down Relief platform waiting to depart for Oxford.

The Class 166 taking the Chester Line Curve to Oxford.

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