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(30th Sept 2014)


The south end of Logierieve station and heading towards Udny. A thickly wooded area today. The Goods Siding was to the left. A Guide Board gives some
interesting details of the walking route and what to see. To the south you pass what looks as if it had been a siding but is just an old works yard that has
sprung up over the years

South end of Logierieve station, heading southward to Udny.

The wooded area continues until opening out about quarter of a mile southwards.


Industrial scrap by the side of the track bed just south of Logierieve station site.

Left Remains of a farm crossing.                                                                                                                                Right: A path has been made to join the road at this point.

This would have been the 9 and a half mile post (From Dyce).


Left: The road from the road bridge to the farm drops down in a nice avenue of trees on the east side of the track bed.
Right: A picturesque farm road seen from the west side of the track bed and over the road.

Cows and their Calves enjoy the Spring sunlight. East side of track bed.


These are scenes from around the Mains of Orchardtown farm half way between Logiereive and Udny. The over bridge road is for farm access only.

Left: Looking south towards Udny. N.B. Mile post on the right.                                                                                                              Right: Looking back towards the farm over bridge.

Left: this would have been the

Half way between Logiereive and Udney and east of Old Craig Farm where a road bridge over a country road has been demolished. Both sides have been made safe for walkers and Horse riders.

The country road takes a sharp  curve and dropped below the railway eastwards.


The demolished rail over road bridge approx. half way between Logiereive and Udny.

A Burn below the track bed.




Farm crossing north of Udny.



A wire tensoning post.


Yest another Burn running below the railway in a Culvert. Up and Down direction, repsectfully.


An old Farm crossing just north of Udny Station site.


Left: First signs that you are nearing the site of Udny Station.                                                            Right: this would have been the eight and a half mile post, from Dyce.

Getting closer to Udny station site.

Steps from the track bed leading up to the modern group of houses and the main road. As a long head
shunt stopped around this point these steps may have been part of the railway.

Left: The fence runs along what appears to have been a platform and may have been connected with the long head shunt that came back from the end of the Up platform. There was double track up to this point.

Left: On the Up side a head shunt track ran northwards from the plaform line and ended around this spot. That may have been a platform of some sort on he left. It may have been used for storing passenger
stock on specials for turning back to Dye or Aberdeen. Right: Back towards Logierieve.

Udny Station Layout. N.B. The refuse off the north end of the Up platform that went a little way north of the station.
There had been a long head shunt at the south end of the Goods yard too. (NSL Maps).

UDNY STATION SITE (Eight and a quarter Miles from Dyce.)
is was the half way mark I set my self and rested on the north end of the Down platform edge, near the signalbox site, for a well-earned refreshment break.

The station site is in very good condition but sadly there are no station buildings or signalbox and he Goods yard has been converted into a football ground. The Goods yard was on the down side off
the south end of the mainline and was set higher, at platorm level. It was a substatantial sized yeard due to the large catchment area of surrounding farms from around Pettymuick,  Cultercullan,
Tillycorthie and Tillery. The name Udny Station remains in use today as it is also the name of the community that grew up around the station as well as the modern estate that has grown
within the old Goods Yard. Udny Station Hotel is still in business but the group of two shops and a Post Office have been closed for some time.

Road bridge over the north end of Udny Station. Looking southwards

Notice Board at Udny Station Site.

Left: The station, seen from below the road bridge. Looking southwards. Right: Looking northwards. The extra wide bridge will have been due to the double tracks through the station heading towards the start of the
single line, plus the long head shunt that ran north of the station. This was pobably the highest and widest bridge on the Buchan branch. Note too, that the smoke deflectors are still in place at the roof of the bridge.

Udny station looking southwards towards Dyce.

Left: Towards Dyce.                                                                                                                                                         Right: Back towards Logiereive.

The spot on the Down platform (left) where I took my rest and refereshment. The low platform edge made a useful seat. The signalbox stood at the south end of this patform by the bushes.

North end of the Up Platform. Northwards.

Left: The Down platform running northwards.                                                                                                  Right: The rise from the mainline to the Goods Yard is noticeable. The Football posts indicate the present use.

Not fully matched up but pretty close. The trees on the left are still flourishing ad a new sign and flower box stand where the original station sign stood. Nothing remains of the station buildings or the
Goods Shed. Photo by G. H. Robins. 15/8.60. (GNSRS Web Site).

North end of Down Platform. The signalbox stood immediately to the left by the end of the ramp.

Heading southwards towards Newmachar. The block stop of the Goods Yard south end head shunt was just to the left.



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